Prolifiko, Co-Founded By Two Byte The Book Members, Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Prolifiko, co-founded by Byte the Book members Chris Smith and Bec Evans, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn its prototype writing productivity coaching product and system into an app.

The campaign, which seeks £15,000 to build the product, offers a range of ‘rewards’ to backers including Tash Willcocks-illustrated #finishwhatyoustart notebooks and writing workshops with top tutors.

The culmination of over three years work, Prolifiko is a digital coach which uses a research-backed productivity system to encourage writers to start and stick at their writing projects.

The current iteration of the Prolifiko builds on an earlier version of the product – used and recommended by ManBooker Prize 2016 longlisted author Wyl Menmuir who used the system to track the writing of his debut novel The Many.

Currently available as a free online prototype through – the coaching product helps writers kickstart their writing habit by taking a 5 day writing challenge, then enables them to continue with a longer project and set their own deadlines.

Already used by hundreds of writers across the world, the prototype uses a small steps methodology to help writers break down their project into achievable steps.

It also incorporates reminders, notifications, video-based support and a system of daily-tracking which helps writers understand and develop their practice over time.

For more information go Prolifiko, the Kickstarter campaign, or contact Chris Smith or Bec Evans.


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