TV Pitch Template from AMC Networks International UK

At our Google event a few weeks ago New Writing: What Opportunities Are There for Authors on Today’s Platforms?  Sam Rowden, Director of Programming at AMC Networks International UK, mentioned that they are keen to hear from writers interested in pitching TV ideas. Sam said they were always open to new ideas and new ways to look at true crime especially. Below is their pitch format. Sam suggested you send emails in this format to


Top line pitch – a quick summary of what the programme will be, mentioning areas that might be covered (eg. Forensics, profiling), episode count and if relevant presenter led or not.


Further overview of the series in more detail:

  • –  What is the USP of the series?
  • –  What will carve it out as different from other crime shows?
  • –  What ties the series together?

Breakdown of episode structure:

  • –  what questions will be asked and what will be answered?
  • –  How will the case unfold?

Potential cases:

  • –  Short summary of case
  • –  Which contributors (if any) would be approached

Boiler plate of who the production company is, what they represent, brief summary of relevant programmes they have made.


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