Adipat Virdi – Story Architect

Adipat is an award nominated writer / producer and has worked on various films, TV series and plays. Adipat studied Architecture and practiced Socio-Spatial Analysis before changing career to write and make films. Having studied at both Oxford and Cambridge, Adipat has qualifications that include Creative Writing, Marketing and PR and MA’s in Screenwriting and in Design, Strategy and Innovation. A key area of expertise is in Transmedia Production.

Adipat has a portfolio of his own projects that he is currently working on. Searching, a cross media project to raise awareness around forced marriages and honour-based crimes, was a Sundance New Frontier Story Lab finalist . Alongside these, Adipat also:

  • led the expert panel at Filmteractive (2013 – 2015), where his duties included judging the HBO award
  • runs a programme of transmedia courses with universities and corporates around the world and is hoping to pioneer the first transmedia school in Europe
  • delivers consultancy, globally. He recently completed the design and facilitation of the Future of Content strategy for the BBC and oversaw the creative development for the initial content on their Taster platform.
  • developed the first BBC Arabic multiplatform project, looking at raising awareness for Syrian Refugees.
  • works as a script consultant for key production companies
  • chairs Transmediology – a large group of transmedia professionals that includes most of the key players in the UK and abroad
  • Has just finished writing his first novel – a YA story about a team of Ghosthunters on the London Underground

To find out more, you can contact Adipat via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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