Andrew Maitland Southern – Novelist, Screenwriter, Director

Life is the most fascinating narrative! A writer of sci-fi and black comedy, Andrew loves to explore the cathartic power of storytelling, mixing the beautiful, the tragic, absurd and light through characters caught in powerful dilemmas.

With several screenplays optioned and a string of articles for the on-line Trebuchet magazine, Andrew has recently completed his debut novel, When Animals You Love Eat Each Other; a rom-com sex-tragedy that trips, skips and staggers through contemporary London.

Beyond writing, Andrew has taught massage and meditation in Cambodia, Lithuania, Greece, the US, and most recently the West Bank, where he also assisted international observers.

Andrew avidly avoids twitter, though that may change, and doesn’t blog, but you can contact him at He is actively seeking collaborators for a new transmedia narrative set in a not-so-distant world where the borders are crashing down, and personal boundaries are just as threatened.

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