Chris Russell – Writer/Musician and Byte the Book’s Writer-In-Residence

Chris is a novelist and rock musician. He has recently signed a three-book deal with Hodder & Stoughton, and his debut YA novel SONGS ABOUT A GIRL will be published by Hodder Children’s in summer 2016. Chris secured his first ever publishing deal (with digital indie Red Button) directly through Byte The Book. Follow Chris on Twitter @chrisrusselluk.

Chris is also our Writer-In-Residence at Byte the Book, crafting reports on each of our events. You can read some of his reports here:

Jan 2016 – Do Book Subscriptions Work for Authors and Publishers?
Sept 2015 – Who are The New Publishers?
May 2015 -What Place Do Book Design and Illustration Have in The Digital Age?
March 2015 – Blogs, Vlogs and Books: How Can you Use Different Platfoms to Build Audience 

February 2015 – The Independent Author’s Journey

January 2015 – Is DRM Killing the Publishing Industry
November 2014 – What’s the Best Publishing Route for Authors
October 2014 – How Can Publishers and Authors Work with Brands
September 2014 – How is Print Adapting to the Shifting Consumer Market In the Digital Age?
July 2014 – What Alternative Revenue Sources Exist in the Digital Age?
June 2014 – What are the Most Effective Marketing Methods?
May 2014 – What are the Latest Innovations in Publishing Today?
Feb 2014 – What are the Most Effective Pricing Models?
Nov 2013 – What’s the Future for Publishers in the Digital Age?
Oct 2013 – What’s the Future of Poetry Publishing?
July 2013 – The Author Experience II
June 2013 – What New Business Models are Emerging for Publishing in the Digital Age?May 2013 – How is Technology Affecting the Size and Shape of What We Read?


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