David Goutcher – Author and Managing Director at Polybius Games

David Goutcher is founder of Polybius Games and creator of Spy Quest, an award winning, online interactive game for children. David, is a former Police officer, who spent 17yrs working in covert surveillance and undercover operations in the UK and abroad.

His gaming company has pushed the boundary of digital gaming and picked up prestigious awards such as the ‘John Logie Baird’ innovation award and Barclays “Take One Small Step’ business award.

He has successfully harnessed the potential for incorporating cutting edge, augmented reality (A.R.) software into children’s books. David’s first solo book Spy Quest: Cursed Diamond, utilises an associated Spy Quest app (available here) to bring the images within the book to life, so that children can read the book and watch the movie at the same time.

You can follow David on twitter @goutcherd and @SpyQuest or contact him via email at david.goutcher@polybiusgames.com

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