Dominic Selwood – Author, Journalist and Barrister

Dominic is an author, journalist, and barrister.  He is passionate about everything historical, especially medieval. He writes a popular history blog for the Daily Telegraph, has appeared on BBC radio numerous times on current affairs topics, and is author of the crypto-thriller The Sword of Moses as well as the non fiction work Knights of the Cloister about the Knights Templar. He studied at Oxford, the Sorbonne, Poitiers, London and Wales, and has taught and lectured on warfare, religion, heresy, and all the fun history stuff. He has acted as a film consultant, adviser and expert for television history programmes, and edits numerous topics on Wikipedia. He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, a former criminal barrister, and an obsessive writer.  His website is and he tweets as @dominicselwood.  You can also find him as ‘Dominic Selwood’ on Tumblr and Pinterest.

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