Dr. Brian Kaplan – M.D. and Specialist in Provocative Therapy

Dr Brian Kaplan, M.D. is a qualified medical doctor with 30 years experience in whole person medicine.

He specialises in Provocative Therapy which he regards as the cutting edge in the use of humour in medicine and psychotherapy. He has also trained in Autogenic Therapy (a profound relaxation technique) and other natural therapies.

He has always been interested in using humour in medicine and in 1997 appeared alongside comedians Arnold Brown and Neil Mullarkey in a sellout review at the New End Theatre in London, called Are you Feeling Funny? Explorations into Health, Humour and Chutzpah.

Ever since meeting the founder of Provocative Therapy, Frank Farrelly, in 1996, he has been passionate about practising and teaching Provocative Therapy.

You can follow Brian on Twitter here and check out his website here.

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