Elena Lopez – Account Manager at Ninestars Information Technologies

Elena is Account Manager at Ninestars Information Technologies, a leading digital content solutions company that has over 15 years of expertise working with publishers, libraries and media companies globally. Ninestars has a wide range of solutions to publishers, from pre-press services and e-book conversion, to app development and e-commerce white label solutions.

In addition to this, Ninestars is now offering Book Trailers creation and promotion through DigiMafia – a company under the Ninestars umbrella. Book Trailers are proving to be the most effective medium to sell books on e-commerce portals and this solution created a lot of excitement between publishers during its global launch at Digital Book World.

You can contact Elena via email on elena.lopez@ninestars.in
Twitter: @helenanimus
Websites: www.ninestars.in www.digimafia.com

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