Elsa Evripidou – Producer and Script Editor, Writer and Founder of CBooks

I grew up in London, the product of a Greek Cypriot father and a Finnish mother, studied German Language and literature at university, backpacked around the world and consider myself a global citizen!

I have worked mainly in the film industry, most recently for the Laid Back Film Company. Our latest independent feature film – Monsoon Tide – has sold into America and other territories around the world. I have co-founded a new company – Cbooks (cinematic books) with the idea of combining written and film content in one downloadable product. We have adapted the film – Monsoon Tide – into this new format and are set to launch this product in the U.S. at the end of July this year.

I have also written my first children’s book and am working with an established Finnish illustrator to complete this project.

Websites:  www.laidbackfilms.com    www.monsoon-tide.com    www.cbooks.co

Facebook: MonsoonTide CBooksCo

Twitter: @monsoontide @cbooksco

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