Eric Stevens – Founder of MyLi and Shelfie

Eric has been working in digital publishing technologies since 2011 when he founded MyLi.  After launching MyLi (, he quickly saw the need for a cross-channel social media platform for independent and self-publishers to help books go viral.  Over the last few years he saw the trend of indies and self-pubs seeking independence from some of the biggest online retailers, whilst trying to build an online presence and competing for a spot on the bestsellers list.

Today, the most successful self-publishers don’t view themselves as writers only, but as business owners.  With that in mind he designed Shelfie ( to help reduce the marketing costs and increase revenue by removing the middle man.

Shelfie aims to make every ebook on your website become viral through web browser streaming, selling the e-books yourself and managing the analytics behind your business.  Shelfie websites are designed for readers to discover, read and share your e-books on any device via web browser streaming in HTML format.  All computer and mobile users stream from their devices already with other media such as video and music.  With these tools, publishers can market and sell e-books the most effective and cost efficient way.

Eric has also been working on another project, Cloud Bookshop, which he hopes to launch in early 2014, see for more information. He plans for it to be the Spotify for e-books in the UK.

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