George Papanagiotou – Managing Director of Thinking and Co-Founder of Vivlio

George Papanagiotou is the managing director of thinking and co-founder of vivlio. He studied social sciences (BA Sociology, MA Ideology and Discourse Analysis) at Essex University back in the mighty 90s. He currently lives and works in Athens, Greece but frequently travels to London, where he plans to expand his business. After twelve years in consulting, in 2009, he founded Thinking which specialises in providing services to the publishing industry, helping publishers to build their websites, design and create print and digital books, organise and execute their digital marketing and bring innovation to the heart of their operations. Thinking’s latest project is, the official TS Eliot website, commissioned by Faber & Faber and the TS Eliot Foundation.

In 2015, he co-founded vivlio, a side project, that was initially presented at London Book Fair 2015: vivlio is an imprint of classic literary works in english. It is a hybrid publishing experiment, incorporating print and digital as inseparable aspects of contemporary reading, while trying to keep a balance between the two paradigms.

Vivlio is launching a Kickstarter campaign in Arpil 2017, to test the idea with the public, before seeking venture capital opportunities.

You can contact him at

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