Howard Matthews Author/Founder of The Funny Book Company

Howard is a writer and publisher who seems to be a millennial born in the wrong millennium. With a career that covers the BBC, Communications consultancy, the NHS, Criminal Justice and professional regulation he’s finally discovered what he likes doing. Having gathered accountancy qualifications and an MBA he’s created The Funny Book Company to promote his love of funny books.

With Radio and TV credits for comedy, and time spent in the BBC TV comedy development department, Howard created a whole new genre; medieval crime comedy. (Although a doyenne of mainstream publishing told him that it wasn’t a thing!)

Under the name Howard of Warwick he’s written and published 14 titles and has sales approaching 70,000. Mainstream paperbacks are available in all good book stores, although they don’t seem to take kindly to him moving the stock off the crime shelf…

A second name, Ainsworth Pennington, has produced a Tom Sharpe-esque romp through the worlds of science and alchemy.

And the future? More books, more authors and striding like a colossus over the world of humour.

He can be contacted via:

The author site is
The publisher is
Telephone: 07946 181424

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