Jasmin Kirkbride – Journalist, Editor and Writer

By day, Jasmin is the Publishing Director at Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent publisher of digital and backlist books. She joined Endeavour in June 2017 after a long stint of freelance journalism and editorial, during which she worked with Periscope, Galley Beggar Press, Dodo Ink, BookBrunch, Publishers Weekly and Time Out, among others.


By night, Jasmin writes SFF and literary fiction. Her short stories have appeared in the Open Pen Anthology, Hark and Haverthorn Magazine, and her flash fiction has won The Short Story Monthly 500 Competition and placed in the Kilburn Literary Festival Flash Fiction Competition. She is always working on too many novels at a time and is the author of an inspirational self-help series published by Summersdale. She also continues to write ad hoc journalism pieces and review books on her blog, www.jasminkirkbride.com.


To get in touch, find Jasmin on Twitter @JasminKirkbride, or email jasmin@endeavourpress.com.
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