Matthew Smith – Founder and Director of Urbane Publications

Matthew is the founder and director of Urbane Publications Limited. Urbane was born out of a fascination with the value of content, and a belief in the strength of collaboration.  The company combines the skills and experience of a traditional publishing company with a thirst for pioneering, innovative solutions in order to produce the most effective and commercially successful content.

Every project is driven by the three core principles of Care, Content and Collaboration, with the emphasis on developing a strategic partnership with the author/producer to create the most valuable content possible. Visit to find out more.

In addition to publishing a quickly expanding frontlist, Urbane also offer consultancy across a number of areas, from developing winning proposals to complete content audits and enablement to drive commercial growth and brand identity. Matthew is a publishing professional with over 20 years of experience in book, digital and content development, and prior to founding Urbane worked at Waterstones, Routledge, Addison Wesley Longman, Arcturus, Hodder, Pearson and Kogan Page.

Feel free to have a natter with Matthew at or follow on Twitter @urbanepub

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