Stephen Leach – Production Assistant

Stephen lives in North London and works for the Energy Institute, a membership body for energy companies, in their publishing team as a Production Assistant. He has interned with several major publishing houses, such as Penguin Random House, Hachette and Profile Books, and aspires to eventually work in commercial fiction publishing.

In addition, he writes reviews for and previously wrote for The Wave, a monthly newspaper supplement for children and young people living in the East Midlands. He enjoys volunteering at events such as the Winchester Writer’s Festival and the annual Hampshire Octoberfest, and recently was involved with the launch of a community partnership library in his home village.

Stephen is always interested in hearing about new projects or collaborations, and can be found enthusing about books and ranting about the state of the nation 140 characters at a time @SirTerenceBoot. Alternatively, get in touch via or via Linkedin.

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