Stephen Moffitt – Writer and Transformation Consultant

Stephen has always been interested in change, both personal and social. As a writer, he has been drawn to characters and situations that are in flux. As a consultant, he helps organisations transform themselves for digital age. He has moved all over the US and now live in London.

Writing under the name S L Moffitt (to avoid confusion with that TV guy who misspelled his name), He has published Sea of Dreams, the first in a series entitled The Subtle Alchemy. Sea of Dreams has been described by a couple of readers as “science fiction for those who don’t normally read it, and those who do.” It is set in future China in the full flowering of the Data Age and is a book of beginnings.

His consultancy, Plus or Minus Seven, has worked with a number of content and media publishers to develop new tools and business models to take advantage of digital technologies. You can get reach him on the book or company website. Alternatively you can reach him on Twitter via @slmoffitt

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