Tom Merchant – writer, engineer and founder of QuizTrail

Tom has worked all over the world, mainly for the developers or owners of high-rise residential and hotel buildings. His projects include Quay West in Sydney and the Burj al Arab in Dubai. A career switch saw him spend 10 years as CEO of a £50bn UK pension fund. He has since founded QuizTrail, a walking trail App, which has a growing number of users in the UK and overseas. His first novel, an adventure story for young adult readers, has its roots in an Arvon course, which Tom attended some years ago. Justine was on the same week in Yorkshire and they have stayed in touch since. His book, Cloak of Silence, was published on CreateSpace and KDP in April 2016.

Tom can be contacted via email at or on Twitter @THMerchant

Writing website:

QuizTrail website:  

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